Payroll Jobs

Get The Right Job For Your Skill Set Working in Payroll Services

The popularity of payroll jobs is always growing and many recruitment companies receive requests from various companies and corporations needing the right people for the job. While the uninformed may think that working in payroll is easy, they may find it surprisingly stressful especially with the lack of experience and preparation for the responsibilities at hand.

Burnham Resources can help you prepare and find the job definitely suited for your skill.

We are a collection of specifically selected professionals, brought together to provide a centre of excellence in the payroll jobs recruitment sectors. We have more than forty years combined experience in the fields of recruitment and outplacement.

Based west of London near to Heathrow, we are an outplacement consultancy service ideally placed at the hub of a network of contacts comprising of thousands of contractors and user clients looking for payroll jobs.

Burnham Resources has expanded consistently over the past three years achieving substantial year on year growth through providing consistent, high quality services in payroll jobs.