Client Services

Client Visits

It is Burnham Resources policy to visit all prospective and current customers on a regular basis. This benefits us and our clients by:-

  • Enabling us to establish a service level agreement.
  • Keep up to date with trends and vital information that is required to ensure all prospective employees are suited, better prepared and interested in working for our customers.

Service Review
It is important to meet at least once every six months to review the Service Level Agreement, ensuring that all issues are addressed and the SLA is reviewed to take into account changing circumstances and situations.

Burnham Resources commits to interviewing every candidate face-to-face wherever possible, utilising our standard ‘Interview Summary’ form. The purpose of the interview is to enable us to:

  • Identify strengths and potential weaknesses
  • Understand their needs/motivations
  • Market your company correctly
  • Fully brief the candidate on job content
  • Handle objections/concerns
  • Assess technical capability
    Burnham Resources is committed to obtaining references covering the last two years work history.

A satisfactory reference is defined as one, which confirms the details of employment given by a contractor/temp and endorses the contractor/temp suitability. No contractor is considered if doubt is expressed regarding their honesty or integrity.

References are taken over the telephone and when this is not possible, we write to the referee.