Candidate Services

At Burnham Resources we pride ourselves on working with our candidates. Throughout the entire recruitment process we aim to assist you in achieving your career aims and aspirations. We will be honest in assessing your earnings potential in accordance with your skills. We are aware that your time is precious and that wasted interviews are as frustrating to you as they are to any potential employer.

  • We will therefore assist you with CV preparation, ensuring that your skills are clearly defined and tuned to assist you in finding the position of your choice.
  • We will ensure that you understand the role you are applying for so that in the event of you achieving an interview you will not get any surprises.
  • We will furnish you with comprehensive interview advice notes to help you prepare yourself effectively for your interview.
  • We give you hotlinks to your prospective employer’s web site, Multimap and railway time tables so you have easy access to any relevant information that you may require.

All these simple tasks are key to ensuring that candidates presented to clients by Burnham Resources are better prepared and that our clients take our CV’s and candidates more seriously than those of our competitors increasing your chance of success.