Interview Preparation

Interview Approach

When attending interviews make sure you know

Full name & address of company

Company’s Telephone number

Correct time of Interview

How to get there

The name of your interviewers and their positions

Your CV

Make sure you know your CV inside out

Be able to describe your present job

Your daily duties

Any achievements in your career?

Your strengths and weaknesses

Where do you see yourself in 2-3 yrs?

Why are you leaving your job?

The Job you are applying for

Make sure you know the job title

Duties & Responsibilities

Reporting Relationships

What the company does

Company Turnover

Size of company or department

Questions to ask at interview

Why has the position become available?

What are the initial responsibilities?

What are the prospects like?

When will they make a decision on the position?

What is the dress code?

Finally Always Remember

It is you seeking the job and not the company?

Your reasons for changing jobs must be valid?

Try to match your character and personality with the company?

Always come across enthusiastic and positive about the job?

Lastly if you really want the job don’t be afraid to say it?